Introduction to the concept of "ART PSYCHOPHYSICS" 2006

I think that the last results of my artistic research are related to the appearance of a more accomplished and participatory culture with every aspect of our society, bound to cover various differences in a unified concept altogether. Quantum mechanics has come into the limelight of the third millennium with such a burst of energy that it may seem magical while there is no magic at all everything is alive and "conscious" energy in perpetual transformation, there is nothing transcendental.
Meanwhile, I will put in evidence the appearance of correlated nonlocal particles (simultaneous occurrence at any distance). The scientific evidence has no doubts about this bewildering and wonderful reality, shown for the first time in 1982 in a famous experiment by Alain Aspect. This experiment was created by the equally famous EPR paradox made by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen, a logical and mental experiment which had as its purpose the observation of SPIN (clockwise or counterclockwise of subatomic particles). If we imagine an electron with spin zero and we break it in two, we will obtain two electrons with spin + 1 / 2 and spin - 1 / 2 that, once assembled, will result in the starting electron spin zero. Since the universe is logical, the final result can only be the one described above. But what is puzzling is that if we divide these two electrons (of the same quantum nature) and we put one here in a laboratory and the other on the other side of the universe and we make sure to reverse the spin of the laboratory, the other electron flips its spin instantly. The "information" cannot be received through the space between them, it is impossible because of the limit of the speed of light (around 300,000 kilometers per second), and scientists are not able to give answers about that.
The answer rather comes from the "Synchronicity" (psychic condition) by Carl Gustav Jung and physicists Wolfgang Pauli (Nobel Prize for the Exclusion Principle) and David Bohm (considered by some scientists the greatest quantum physicist of the last century), who died in London in 1992. Synchronicity, which can be identified with what is called in physics Entanglement (plot), has its intrinsic nature in the Archetype (energy complex based on the symbolic full of pure content and "devoted" to spiritual purposes, where making conscience is the fundamental constituent.
Synchronicity is an Archetype, even the Great Archetype, which is identified in what we call quantum potential (but also the quantum vacuum, the zero point field, collective unconscious, etc.), which, ultimately, would be better defined as "mental function". Since it is timeless, its manifestation is Holographic in nature, therefore instantaneous and ubiquitous, so that it makes our illusory reality yet perceived as "Reality" in relation to our bond of three dimensions plus one. It does not move at all: what happens in the world is resonance, the energy is crystallized through the vibrations given by the Mind at low intensity. It is thus implementing a transformation between the timelessness of the psyche and the physical object in time. The fundamental purpose of this perfection is making "Consciousness", and it is the real reason of existence, where good and evil are the direct consequences. Everything is in perpetual transformation given by the energy, uncreated and eternal, through purposeful and symmetrical configurations of Synchronicity.
Synchronicity is the unifying aspect (for similitude), infinitely varied in its explanatory compounds: from the most "simple" degrees (subatomic particles) up to the human being as, for instance, telepathic perception.
Wolfgang Pauli, in his "Exclusion Principle", had already concluded that the excluded particle (quantum nature) is not accepted in its orbit by an acausal factor whose repulsion or attraction is based on symmetry, which is both significant (the chemical that we know) and purposeful (the possibility of making Consciousness) on the basis of a pantheistic "Project" of permanent exchange of information among subatomic particles. In continuous, frenetic dissolution in the Involved Order, then crystallizing in the Explicit (David Bohm) fluctuating between wave and particle.
About my painting, I rely on the involved order, on the symmetry and synchronicity as represented by the archetype geometric shape. All this can be expressed by all sorts of means, but the canvas is mine precisely.
The puzzle is fascinating, but clarity helps.
If I take a piece of paper and I fold it into three, then I outline drawings around its edges and I cut them out, I make a " PRIMARY FORM ", which is empty. Opening the sheet, I obviously find perfectly symmetrical shapes around it. You cannot deny that these are derived forms. Now the paint gets thick on them, so they become complete and "total form", that is the vacuum becomes matter. On the contrary the perimeter remains "EMPTY VACUUM", I use the quotes because the vacuum really does not exist (very well demonstrated quantum experiment). Thus, this starting potential, which has generated the full of the paper (Universe), cannot be ordinary matter, but it is what we call PSYCHE. So, the psyche becomes the matter that forms the bond with itself through holographic projection. All this is of course PSYCHOPHYSICS and the fact of being expressed on a canvas, albeit two-dimensional, can only be defined as " PSYCHOPHYSICAL ART ". At this point I really think that the link is clear on the painting, also considering that the psyche is mimesis.
Ultimately, I think that the Involved/ Explicit Order is sufficiently motivated. I also think that I can define my painting as the extension not only of the PRIMARY MAGICAL, but even of CONCEPTUAL ART, since it is totally inherent of classical culture, such as the Standard physics (Einstein-Newton), while my intent is to unify the Whole with the contents of the "quantum mechanics". From Planck onwards.
So both the IDEA of conceptual art and the beauty of the primary magical will necessarily have to become a whole, to indulge in a more exhaustive work.
Meanwhile, God the Eternal Father is watching.